2 Reasons why NOT to go cheap on Limousine Service!

1. You get what you pay for

Everything from the type of vehicle to the unlimited options comes into play; in a lot of cases, limousine companies have several options at their disposal to fill your request. What is important here is to question how the company is looking at you. If you call and say “I just want a price for now,” or “How much does something like that go for?,” I guarantee the company will not send you their best car for your money.

For example:

You call the limo company and say that you need a limo for a night out with friends and it will be for six adults. Many companies have the option of sending you what is called a “6 Pack” which will seat the people in your party just fine or they could send you what is known as an “8 Pack” which can seat up to eight people. The difference to you is the comfort and style. Not only might you want a limo for the day so that you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving but you also want to look great and be noticed at the same time. As far as comfort goes, the “8 Pack” is going to give you so much more room for you and your guests to enjoy. Now let’s not forget that the company has the option on what they offer you and for them that is a real BIG deal.

It all comes down to money

Limousine Companies will give you the option of the smaller limousine FIRST for multiple reasons:

  • Cheaper Fuel
  • Drivers Pay is cheaper
  • Operating Costs are lower

So if they have a choice they will give you the smaller car. This gives them a reason to keep their cost down and fit your request for, “I just want a price for now… how much does something like that go for,” or my favorite “…I want a cheap price nothing fancy.”

2. Commitment to Professionalism

Ask yourself, “How is my request going to be handled the first time I call? How is my request for information being returned to me and by whom?  Also, how am I being treated when I call with a change to the itinerary?” We all know that some events take more planning than others do. When you first call who will answer the phone? If you get an answering machine that is okay, most companies in this industry are actually small and the available manpower they have is focused on people to operate the vehicles, the companies that do have office personnel are only available during regular business hours. The question is: how soon will the company return your call? This also applies to e-mail and web based request for information. The best case is a return within 24hrs. Politeness and professionalism is what is important once you are contacted by the company. Contacting a company whose price might be a little higher than the next guy will help ensure these things happen.

What matters when the driver shows up?

  • How they are driving when they arrive
  • Are they on time?

A driver not being paid much by a company who is trying to save money and is fulfilling the request for a “cheap price” will give you just that, cheap service. A company who cares will make sure the driver is happy – which means getting paid well. If he or she is paid well then they will treat you well. They will be dressed for the occasion and ready to help you make your event a success. They will represent the company well and do the little things that make you happy.

So remember in most cases it takes just a little bit more to go 1st Class !!!


John T. Smith


Crown Jewel Limousine LLC


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