Last Minute Tips for your Thanksgiving Dinner!

Here are some tips on how you can make your Thanksgiving Dinner a lot less stressful!

  1. Make Lists

Create a list of everything that you want out on the dinner table, make a list of all the recipes you need to make you dinner fantastic and of course make a grocery list so that you can beat the crazy crowds and get in and out of the stores!

2. Do as much prep- work as you can the night before! 

Take the night off from work and prepare everything that you can for Thanksgiving Day. This is a sure way to alleviate the stresses that normally come along with serving lots of family members on holidays!

3. Bring out your dishware the night before

Make sure that you have all of the dishes and serving plates that you need for every dish and every person. Setting your table the night before and designating spots for your dishes will take off a lot of stress! Especially when there are 10 hungry people waiting for the turkey and you are still trying to figure where everything all goes.

4. Have a clean up plan

Everyone dreads the clean up after a big holiday meal. Having a plan on how things are going to get cleaned will make your holiday evening a lot more enjoyable. If you like giving away leftovers, utilize paper plates and foil instead of your nice Tupperware containers.

5. Never be ashamed to ask for help

Ask some of the kids in the family to help out with the cheese and cracker platters. Kids love to be hands on with things in the kitchen and you can put them to work and you will get things done way faster!

Everyone here at Crown Jewel Limousine understands the yearly holiday struggles with putting together a great meal. Use some of these tips and it will be a more enjoyable time for you and your family.

Thinking about Christmas presents? Treat your special someone to a night out on the town in our limousine! Holiday specials are coming shortly! Call us now!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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