Tips to Tackle Blossom Music Concerts!

The Summertime in Ohio means amazing concerts all season long. The great thing about Cleveland, is that we are lucky to have numerous concert venues to choose from. Whether you are enjoying a concert at the Q or relaxing to some tunes by the water at Nautica Pavilion, there is a concert venue that fits everyone’s style! If you have never been to a concert at Blossom Music Center, you are in for a treat! Before you make the drive down to Blossom for a concert, check out some of these tips so that you can have a great concert experience!


Allow Extra Time for Travel

Getting in and out of Blossom after a concert can be a very frustrating experience if you have never been out there before. To get rid of any unnecessary stress that could be put onto your evening, allow yourself extra time while you are traveling to your concert and when you are leaving the area. A good rule to follow is to leave during the last 2-3 songs, this will allow you to get a head start to your car and to get ahead of the crowd.



First things first, always remember where you park at Blossom. They have multiple parking lots and they are very large, remembering where you park will save you time once the concert lets out. Parking in the main lots are free but there is the option to buy parking passes. They are usually sold the week of the concert and if you are lucky, you can score a parking pass for a parking lot that is right next to the gate! Be smart about parking!


Bring Cash

If you plan on grabbing a bite to eat or enjoying some drinks, be sure to have some cash on you. Only certain booths accept card but cash is accepted for all food/beer/liquor purchases.

If you are planning on heading to a Blossom summer concert, be sure to call Crown Jewel Limousine today to reserve your limousine! Doing so will save you the hassle of finding parking and it is the safest route! Call today at 440-305-4232 or visit our website at



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